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A cute folklore favorite, gnomes are quite popular right now! They’re great for every holiday and especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. Their adorable figures and cute puns make it a great way to spread valentine love at school, daycare, or other friends and family. 

This printable comes with 6 different designs and sayings that you can print as many times as you need. Just print it, cut it and design it up how you like. 

You can throw the cut out on a cardstock piece of paper to gift with candy or as a stand alone card. This will help the colors pop!

If you’ve got some spare bags you can throw the cutout in with the candy and gift as a valentine to throw in someone’s mailbox.

Paper bags and some washi tape make a perfect addition to the adorable style of the gnomes. 

You can get creative with these gnomes and gift however you see fit. Let us know in the comments or on our social media (@dauntlessllama) pages what you end up doing with it!

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Thank you! Enjoy!

Gnome Valentine Printable